About Us


Ensure every military veteran and their spouse become, and remain, productive members of society.


Provide solutions for military veterans to become and remain mentally resilient that leads to being productive members of society for all Private, Local, State, Federal Agencies, Corporations and Organizations.

STAX Solutions, LLC. was established as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business in the state of Georgia. We offer Veteran - Veteran peer support and counseling to our military veterans (and their family members) who have endured physical and mental wounds in service to our country. Our team uses military veteran certified peer specialists, medical doctors, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, (FNP-C) and mental health professionals who have successfully recovered from mental illnesses to counsel military veterans who are currently struggling. While the company's services are military veteran-operated and military veteran-focused, we believe in working with the entire behavioral health treatment community, corporation and organization to achieve the best outcomes for those we serve. Our scientifically proven and impactful solutions are provided on-site, or through consultation and referral.

Our Services

  • Military Veteran-Centered Consultation: Solutions for one-on-one communication between a military veteran, or spouse, and the mental health professional, or one or more family members.
  • Community Integration: Solutions for rehabilitation, intervention, and the support necessary to help a military veteran function independently at home and in the community.
  • Crisis Intervention: Solutions for activities or services for a military veteran experiencing a crisis that is designed to reduce symptoms, assist in stabilization, and aid in restoring the military veteran's level of functioning.
  • Mental Health Assessment: Solutions to the formal process of gathering and preparing written information about a military veteran’s mental health, leading to identification of the root issue(s) and recommendations for treatment.
  • Psychological Evaluation: Solutions to perform an effective psychological evaluation done by an appropriate mental health professional, using nationally standardized psychological assessment instruments that establishes and retains rapport between the mental health professional and the military veteran.
  • Referral Services: Solutions for the referral of military veterans with more intense needs to additional community resources in order to help them achieve their highest level of functioning and improve their quality of life.
  • Treatment Plan Development: Solutions for the development of an individualized military veteran-centered Service Plan to deliver specific mental health services based on the needs identified in the mental health assessment.
  • Corporate and Organizational Training and Sustainment: Solutions for training and providing technical assistance to executives, managers and co-workers (non-military veterans) on veteran culture and relations that recruits, retains and increases employee performance.

Our Background

  • Company's leadership has over 45 years of active duty and military veteran suicide prevention and mental health resiliency expertise combined which has been featured in TIME Magazine's 100 New Scientific Discoveries: Fascinating, Momentous, and Mind-Expanding Stories, FOX News Channel, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, CBS Evening News and many other media and publications.
  • Comprised of a multi-military branch veteran workforce that has direct and personal experiences with suicide, suicide prevention and resiliency, and mental illness.
  • Our team's leadership holds certifications as Medical Doctor, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (FNP-C), Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Recovery Peer Specialist, Capability Maturity Model Integration-Development, C.A.L.M., and Q.P.R.
  • Subject-matter experts in military veteran, active duty member, spouse suicide prevention , reintegration (post-military), depression, anxiety, Military Sexual Trauma, and mental illness.
  • Providing a unique niche to our clients through our partners with established non-profits that have daily interactions with active duty, military veterans, spouses and our relationships with senior government leaders and managers.